Offering unique organic cleaning products that mix modern science with old-world sensibilities, Maidorganic™ is uniquely qualified to clean your home and business while saving you green!

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Maidorganic offers Professional Home and Business cleaning in the state of Connecticut as well as a full line of our own organic and all-natural cleaning products! Call us today so we can show you how our service are cleanly the best!

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  • Organic Cleaning Products

    We make our own organic cleaning products with top-shelf essential oils for an amazing, natural clean & no harsh chemicals!

  • Commercial Cleaning Services

    Commercial Cleaning, Honest & Organic Service that outpaces the competition for quality!

  • Residential Cleaning Services

    Organic home cleaning by our professional organic maids! Enjoy the peace of mind of coming home to clean organic fragrances and a job done right!

Some of our Blog Posts

Our thoughts on cleaning, life and all things organic!

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  • Where did you come from Baby Gagne??

    For the most part I am a very personable person, and I like to talk from the heart…I try never to be fake and to always speak the truth. So I felt compelled  to share a very personal story for you readers to get to know me a little better. My husband (CJ ) and […]

  • Spring Clean Thyself?

    Most of us will begin taking time out of your busy schedules over the next few months to spring clean your homes; but what about spring cleaning ourselves? Many of us, myself included, are in the New England’s  trap of workaholism, we are stuck in the cycle of  not knowing when to say no, and […]

  • Toxic Valentine Kisses

    Before you pucker up and slap on that lipstick, read this! Lipstick is the most toxic of all cosmetics. Did you know that women ingest anywhere from 7 to 12 POUNDS of lipstick in their lifetime. Some lipsticks contain substances that can cause cancer, deformities and stillbirths. Many women also experience dryness, chapping, cracked and […]