Offering unique all natural cleaning products that mix modern science with old-world sensibilities, Maidorganic™ is uniquely qualified to clean your home and business while saving you green!

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Maidorganic offers Professional Home and Business cleaning in the state of Connecticut as well as a full line of our own all-natural cleaning products! Call us today so we can show you how our service are cleanly the best!

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  • 3 Reasons You Should Switch to Organic MIlk

    By now most of us know that going organic is a great way to reduce pesticides from our diet. The most reasonable way to do this initially seems to be through fruits and veggies. But what about our dairy products? If you’ve not taken the plunge into the wonderful world of organic milk and cheeses, […]

  • Breakthrough in Producing Clean Drinking Water. Guess where it comes from?

    Human excrement. A machine prototype name Janicki Omniprocessor is located in Washington where Bill Gates volunteered to taste the proof. Invented by Peter Janicki, straight up genius and founder of Janicki Industries, the machine’s design alleviates impoverished conditions as potential hydro-electric power and water purifier for drinking. The process couldn’t be simpler. After separating water from sludge […]

  • Happy New Year!

      Here’s to all our customers, wishing you good health, cheer, and prosperity in 2015. We would not be where we are today without your loyal support! Thank you for making 2014 a success!