Baby Safe Cleaning Products

All those scary cleaning bottles under your kitchen sink? Stop buying those! Not only will you have to keep your supplies under lock and key when you have a curious and crawling baby but every time you use them you are putting those chemicals into the air and onto surfaces.

Luckily, there are baby safe cleaning alternatives, and I’m not talking about spending a fortune on natural cleaners either. (although those are nice too) I’m talking about going back to basics, learning how to clean baby toys like our great-grandparents did…don’t worry, you can keep your vacuum.

How to Clean Baby Toys – Teethers, plastic and wood toys. Most all “hard” toys fall in this category. When your baby is in the “putting everything in the mouth” stage you’ll want to wipe down her toys more often. Just think, the toys lay on the ground most of the time. Would you want to put something in your mouth that sat on the floor for a week? They also get covered in saliva (and even food if baby just ate) and handled by other babies during play dates, etc. Maybe the dog even grabs one or two. Yuck!

  • 1 Cup Water, 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar

Mix together equal parts distilled white vinegar and water for a cheap toy cleaning solution. Put it in a spray bottle and just spray a little on a cloth and then wipe down the toys. The vinegar smell goes away completely after it dries and it doesn’t leave any residue on the toys. Vinegar is edible…but you can clean with it too!

Maidorganic cleaning products are environmentally, pet and baby friendly.
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