Where did you come from Baby Gagne??

For the most part I am a very personable person, and I like to talk from the heart…I try never to be fake and to always speak the truth. So I felt compelled  to share a very personal story for you readers to get to know me a little better.

My husband (CJ ) and I married at the nice young age of 22. After twelve awesome years of marriage we decided that since we hadn’t had any children yet that we should seek out some medical explanations. So we began with me (Shal). At this first doctor’s appointment they did very invasive testings. These tests proved to be a huge blow to our hopes of ever having children naturally. This was also a very emotionally and mentally taxing time for me.  The doctor confirmed that I had a condition called Hydrosalpinx which in plain English means that I had blocked fallopian tubes which can cause infertility. This was totally devastating to both my husband and myself. Of course we didn’t like this report so we turned to God. We prayed at home as well as having our family and friends praying for us, we also received prayer at our church (Gateway Christian Fellowship).

In the meantime, CJ went for a series of fertility tests and the doctors also determined that he had a minor issue that required minor surgery. We were then referred to the top Infertility doctor in the state. On April 20, 2011 the doctor confirmed the same findings from the first doctor and said “in vitro fertilization (IVF) is without a doubt the treatment modality that will provide you with the highest likelihood of success.”, IVF Doctor. But, before doing IVF the doctor recommended undergoing surgery to remove my fallopian tubes to give us a whopping 30% success rate of getting pregnant with IVF.  We told the doctor that we were going to hold off on our decision to move forward with the surgery and IVF treatments until after our vacation to Colorado the following month. Needless to say we were both devastated, we felt hope drain from both of us, but still hanging on to our faith that God is bigger than the doctor’s reports. We prayed a simple prayer, “Lord we thank you for miracles, and it’s our hearts desire to start a family by Your hands and not by mans, and if it’s in your will for us to become parents we ask that you would do a miracle in our lives.”

We went on our trip to Colorado to celebrate our 12th year wedding anniversary. When we arrived home, I mentioned to my husband (CJ) that I wasn’t feeling quite right. We both asked each other “do you think we could be pregnant?” So off to the pharmacy we went and needless to say, 16 positive pregnancy tests later we thought, could it be possible that God could really have worked a miracle in our lives? We called the doctor the following morning. We were without response for a couple of days, feeling in limbo. When the doctor finally returned our call we said, “Doc, we have 16 pregnancy tests that read positive, could it be true?” Our doctor said, “I guess congratulation is in order.” We said, “But doc, the testing said that it was impossible without IVF.”  Our doctor replied with a surprised tone, “Wait…this is not an IVF pregnancy?”

On June 9, 2011 the doctor sent us in for immediate testing to verify that we had a true positive pregnancy, and also checking for proper placement of the embryo.  The results were beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were in fact pregnant and the embryo was in perfect placement.  At that test, the doctor informed us that our conception date was on April 22, 2011 which was Good Friday! (Now known to us as Great Friday!)

To finish our story we’d like to give all the glory to God and to say that we are overwhelmed with joy and excitement to be able to experience the blessing of the birth of our first child in late January of 2012!!

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So as always have a wonderful day and keep safe!

Shal Gagne


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  1. Deb Tietjen September 16, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Shal andCJ, what a beautiful story, one that you will be able to share with Baby Gagne. Baby Gagne will always know just how special she/he is and how much God loves her/his family and how miracles do happen to people who have faith and hope in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Nothing is impossible with God! Love you both.