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Exhale…It’s Friday!

MaidOrganic is here to do the cleaning so you can feel the relief of a clean house, even if you didn’t do it yourself. We are also here to brighten your day, which is why today’s post is the result of hours of looking for a humorous take on cleaning. While I couldn’t find a […]

What You’re Missing in Your Cleaning Routine

MaidOrganic is the perfect choice for routine home cleaning, but what about those things we don’t do on routine cleanings? Don’t forget to regularly clean these things for a more sparkly home: 1. Drains Cleaning drains is important to prevent clogging and to discourage bacteria breeding grounds. Before using Drain-o or another chemically infested product, […]

How to Eat Your Lawn

Happy Weekend Everyone! It’s safe to say most of us will probably spend some time outside this weekend  – beautifying our lawns, tending to gardens, and chasing kids (and pets) around! With the outdoors fresh in our minds and as a sequel to the previous post, Would You Eat Your Lawn?,  now is the perfect […]

Would You Eat Your Lawn?

It’s that time of year again, the time of planting, watering, and waiting. Out in the country, farmers  are beginning to labor hard for a most satisfying harvest after this growing season, while American suburbia sows grass seed and chemicals to compete with golf courses for best green. According to Environmental and Human Health, Inc.(EHHI), […]

Tiny House, Big Impact

I am a little obsessed with saving. Let me count the ways: money food waste space These are all things I like to save. (Did you sense the nursery rhyme poetry in that?) Call it cheap, frugal, conservative, or intentional, but organic lifestyles tend to make one aware of their environmental impact. Still, the minimalist […]

Eco-friendly Construction from China

As an organically inspired cleaning company, Maid Organic’s eco-friendly approach is not limited to cleaning, but to every area of life.  Having a chemical free cleaning experience is definitely a start, but Chinese company, Winsun, has elevated the environmental friendly approach to a whole new level: 3-D printed houses! I know what you’re thinking, how […]