How to Eat Your Lawn

Happy Weekend Everyone!

It’s safe to say most of us will probably spend some time outside this weekend  – beautifying our lawns, tending to gardens, and chasing kids (and pets) around!

With the outdoors fresh in our minds and as a sequel to the previous post, Would You Eat Your Lawn?,  now is the perfect time to cover how you can actually eat it.

A new trend is sweeping across communities and it makes a lot of sense: overgrown gardens tastefully designed on one’s ENTIRE property – no more lawn, only food!  It’s like Candyland, except whatever grows from the ground exists in real life and is beneficial to your health 🙂

I can’t imagine the kind of work that goes into a full garden landscape project, but the efforts seem well worth it.

Not only does the landscape surrounding your home provide bountiful yields (goodbye grocery bill!), but it inspires community action. The Food Not Lawns movement encourages food swaps for entire communities, making it a more practical step towards sustainability and whole food diets nationwide.

Edible Estates reveals garden prototypes and their final products. It is so cool to see the progress!

Here are some photos from the website of an edible estate in Minnesota:



Garden Blueprint Image Courtesy of



Before Picture Image Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Seedling Phase Image Courtesy of


Final Results Image courtesy of


See, with hard work and lots of patience we can have the Garden of Eden in our own front yards!

Happy Planting!




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