Tiny House, Big Impact

I am a little obsessed with saving.

Let me count the ways:

  1. money
  2. food
  3. waste
  4. space

These are all things I like to save. (Did you sense the nursery rhyme poetry in that?)

Call it cheap, frugal, conservative, or intentional, but organic lifestyles tend to make one aware of their environmental impact.

Still, the minimalist lifestyle is attractive to all – organic or not – we have a need to simplify our lives.

After  a bit of research, the answer is here for a more fulfilling, affordable, and environmentally friendly life.

Have you heard about tiny houses?

They are off-grid, sustainable and dirt cheap. I don’t think it gets simpler than that!

Some features of tiny houses may include:

  • compost toilet
  • solar powered energy
  • mobility

The tiny house movement is sustainable as most are built with reclaimed materials, with most costing under $10,000.

Another perk is a tiny home leaves a little carbon footprint which is yet another reason to be on board with the less is more approach.


Tiny House Talk is a website featuring facts, stories, pictures, and blogs sharing insight on what it is like to live in a tiny home.

I find tiny house living so attractive! The only thing I wonder about is protection in case of natural disasters.


Even so, here are some pictures of tiny houses for your inquisitive minds:



Courtesy of www.tumbleweedhosues.com


Courtesy of www.tiny-texas-houses.com


Courtesy of www.houses-plans.net


Courtesy of www.houses-plans.net


Courtesy of www.houses-plans.net


Courtesy of www.houses-plans.net


Courtesy of www.houses-plan.net


Courtesy of www.tumbleweedhosues.com


Courtesy of www.tumbleweedhosues.com

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