What You’re Missing in Your Cleaning Routine

MaidOrganic is the perfect choice for routine home cleaning, but what about those things we don’t do on routine cleanings?

Don’t forget to regularly clean these things for a more sparkly home:

1. Drains

Cleaning drains is important to prevent clogging and to discourage bacteria breeding grounds. Before using Drain-o or another chemically infested product, try this instead:

Pour boiling water down sink, followed by lemon juice or vinegar (or both). Add heaping amounts of baking soda and watch it foam.

Presto! Lovely scents and smoother pipes in minutes!

2. Coffee Makers

Don’t inconvenience yourself by washing it by hand inside and out in soapy water.

Instead, try this:

Turn coffee maker on as if brewing coffee (no filter needed!), instead of water, pour 1 cup of vinegar and allow machine to brew until empty.

3. Front Door

My pet peeve is seeing a beautiful house freshly cleaned inside and out – except for the main entrance door. What a wrench in the mix of beauty!

It won’t take long, quickly grab a wet rag with water and add vinegar if you want.


After an easy wipe down it will be grime and bug free and you will be surprised at the facelift it gives your home.

Remember, baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice are very effective for many household uses, so before harming the environment, Google these ingredients for gardening, sprucing things up, and pest control.

If you can’t have us clean your homes, you can have the same treatment by using our amazing products.

They are earth, child, and pet-friendly and easy on your wallet.

The only side effects from our product line are therapeutic scents from essential oils and extreme cases of cleanliness.

Happy Cleaning!


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