We all have heard it before – how terrible it is our clothes are made in sweat shops. Yet, we have very slim pickings for organic and fair trade clothing lines. What else is there to do besides cover our ears, close our eyes, and keep buying slave made goods, hoping that “Made in India” means decent wage and fair working conditions?

Allow me to introduce Zady, an online retailer offering fair trade and organic clothing, accessories, and housewares. (fittingly aka “The Whole Foods of Fashion”) is a new organization dedicated to producing fashionable clothing that is safe for everyone. And just to prove how serious they are, every item for sale on their website includes a story of its origin.

The best thing about Zady is that everyone benefits. Just like food, organic clothing is better for the environment, as well as people. Fibers that are not chemically contaminated are safer for our skin, not to mention more environmentally-friendly than other polluting methods of farming and dying fibers. Fair trade production means workers earn wages considerable to their need and work in safe conditions. In the case of, many items are made by artisans right here in the USA. Have you grown weary of wondering how exactly your clothes are made and where exactly they come from? Well, it is a mystery no more!

Oh, there is one more bonus, your purchase is guaranteed to leave you free of buyer’s remorse! After all, Zady’s commitment to providing slave-made alternatives will leave you feeling pretty good as a protagonist in the fight against global exploitation.

Meet the founders of Zady on Good Morning America.

Contribution by Caitlin Thiede

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