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Support Our Local Farms

Maidorganic is a family business. It is important to bring our values full circle and encourage the support of other small businesses that help sustain community spirit and our local economy. Although farms may not be seen as small businesses, most of them are generational farmers. We have all seen the bumper stickers:  “No Farms, […]

“P” Cycling

Pee-cycling. There is no way to dance around this subject because it is exactly what it sounds like. Human urine contains two ingredients essential to thriving vegetation. Any expert gardener can tell you phosphorous and nitrogen are fundamental components for fertilizers and composts. When contained in urine, however, these elements can be in excess and […]

Recipe from Shal Number 2

Happy Friday! You’ve worked hard all week and deserve some R & R – and another recipe straight from the Gagne kitchen. If you’re craving some sweets to enjoy this weekend look no further than your kitchen cabinet! Shal’s dessert recipe is perfect for strawberry toppings or if you’re a true vanilla lover, as is. […]

Improve Air Quality for Better Health

The theme of late is doom and gloom. I’ve been posting about disastrous pesticides, asthmatic ingredients in house cleaners, and scolding you for missing routine cleanings on your to-do lists. Rest assured, this post is a refresher! That is also a literal statement, as today we will be learning how to make VOC’s (Volatile Organic […]

What’s in a Name?: Commercial Cleaning Ingredients and Their Impact on Your Family’s Health

Commercial cleaners leave little clarification for the public. In order to demystify a couple main ingredients found in the majority of cleaning products, I thought it only fair to research the chemicals used and their harmful effects on consumers. Ammonium Chlorides Ammonium chlorides are prevalent in the majority of household cleaners today.  Here are ingredient […]

Recipe from Shal

Hi Everyone! With this new work week comes new meal plans. I know your schedules are busy and family dinners may not be in the cards, but don’t give up just yet. In today’s post Shal shares her very own recipe with us. If you’re having a hard time finding a healthy meal, try Shal’s […]