Support Our Local Farms

Maidorganic is a family business. It is important to bring our values full circle and encourage the support of other small businesses that help sustain community spirit and our local economy. Although farms may not be seen as small businesses, most of them are generational farmers. We have all seen the bumper stickers:  “No Farms, No Food”. It’s true!

It can be tough to break out of our regular shopping routines – get the flyers, compare the flyers, circle the flyers, go to stores that sent the flyers – but the experience of shopping local farms can’t compare to the thrill of a good sale.

After pausing to lift your jaw as it has probably dropped from the boldness of the former statement, please consider how awesome it is to buy your groceries at farms.

1. Family friendly

Do you ever have those days you have to bring the kids grocery shopping? Farms are perfect for this! Children remain entertained and inquisitive about the colors and shapes set before them. Use your shopping time as a way to teach how food grows. Most farms are built in such a way that there is space to wander back and forth between stocked produce and with all the sights, sounds, and smells, it is a magical experience for little ones.

2. Relationships Matter

I can guarantee that farmers and their workers truly value your satisfaction – not only with the food, but with service.  This is what keeps me coming back for more. The competition is fierce in the industrialized and commercialized grocery retail market. They know you may be sacrificing convenience to achieve superior customer service. Since you support their livelihood and their family business, you may be seen yourself as another member of the family.

3. As Seasons Change, So Does Variety

As  planting seasons are determined by the seasons, vegetables and fruits change with them. This takes getting used to at first, but it invokes a challenge to use what you buy and to be creative in the kitchen. Once you learn the season crops, year round farm purchases become easier. Some farms offer purchasing through winter and have special greenhouses to raise lettuces and salad vegetables all year. Even though you’re not a farmer, it’s good to understand crop schedules. It will help you determine what food is local and fresh in other grocery stores, should you have the occasional week of not making it to your local farm.

4. Plenty of Payment Options

CSAs are big right now. It is a share of the farm that is usually paid prior to harvest season. Different farms offer different options, but many accept payment plans and may even offer financial assistance. In the long run it is usually cheaper to enroll in a crop share with a farm than to purchase sale items in the grocery store weekly. Plus, they have various crop share sizes. Still not convinced? Some farms offer home delivery, but if you’re not into that, CSA members simply pick up their prearranged share of veggies / fruits / meats (usually meats are a separate share) and walk out the door.

As July edges closer summer is hitting its prime now is the time to find the closest Connecticut farm  or shop from the comfort of your home.


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