Archive | July, 2014

Ant Control

“The ants are marching one by one, Hoorah, Hoorah . . . “ While that old song was fun when I enjoyed ants as pets, now when I see those little guys in my house it is more cringe worthy than sing worthy. Were you that kid when you were little who collected ants and […]

Chemical Free Mosquito Control

Do you love the protection of chemical mosquito repellents, but hate the smell and toxicity? It’s not always comfortable knowing the same chemicals that help us stay bite free are also toxic to our families and pets. If you prefer the safety and health of your family with bite protection, here are some bug spray […]

Soothing Rash Remedies from Your Kitchen

Summer brings pool parties, barbecues, camping and lots of opportunities for rashes. Poison Sumac, Ivy, and other plants containing poisonous skin irritants lurk in woods and back yards. If you were ever unfortunate enough to understand the pain (and embarrassment) of dramatic swelling, redness, and bumpiness on skin due to rashes, you know how important […]

To Brighten Your Day

Maidorganic always send at least two cleaning technicians to your home or business. Why? To let the other know whether they are REALLY vacuuming or not. You may have enough to smile about since you probably have a short work week due to July 4th. Just in case you need more reason to smile, here […]