Environmental Working Group – Consumer Guide to Safe Products

It can be difficult to navigate through the dizzying array of choices as a consumer.

Although I want to know more about commercial products, it is still too much to swallow!  I used to be able to run the dishwasher or load the washing machine without a second thought. But now I am aware of many consequences that come from unnatural chemically generated ingredients.

If I use commercial or store brand dish detergent, I could be putting my mouth on the same dish that is infused with carcinogens and other destructive compounds conducive to barrenness, DNA degeneration, and digestive disorders.

I went to the grocery store the other day to replace my own homemade dish detergent because mine was just not cleaning well enough. As I read the labels on the shelves, I felt so betrayed! These ingredients – laurel sulfates, chlorides, dioxides – they hurt us and our environment! I was so perplexed because I had to compromise what I knew was best for my health in order to meet my budget.

Perhaps it is paranoia, but as more studies surface,  the reality of lab made goods become more apparent. Either way, I most certainly believed ignorance was bliss in this situation – that is until I learned about EWG.

Now for good news!

Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a fantastic organization dedicated to providing updated information on TONS of products. Be it cleaners, cosmetics, food – you name it and EWG has the facts on everything in it.

My favorite part of the site is the health grade issued to each brand name or product. The grade ranges from A – F (A for best, F for worst) to warn consumers of potential dangers associated with each ingredient. Best of all, it is in layman’s terms, so anyone can understand.

This is a great way to research brands before purchasing.

Knowledge really is power, so be sure to truly understand what is entering your home and body before unnecessarily putting your family’s health at risk.



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