New Energy Source Found in Food Waste

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Many of us are familiar with food consumed in hospitals, restaurants, and schools. No matter our preference in tastes, we can all agree on one thing about food – far too much of it enters our landfills.

Most organizations providing food to consumers prohibit giving away left overs.

That is until now.

The state of Massachusetts will ban organizations that produce at least one ton of food from bringing food waste to landfills. As of October 1, 2014 these organizations must donate edible food while remaining portions will go to composting facilities.

Composting facilities such as the one in Barstow’s Longview Farm in Hadley, Mass. have a machine capable of converting food scraps into fuel.  The device mimics digestive processes in cow stomachs. Methane gas is the main proponent that breaks down the material to liquid form – just like cow stomachs. Any remaining substance which is not fully “digested” is used as fertilizer for farms.

This is an exciting advancement for our farms and local economies. More green jobs will be created and, as a result, more awareness will be raised regarding our ecosystem.

This is definite progress for our environment. Who knows? Maybe this will jump start businesses and government officials being more conscientious and proactive as to what enters our food systems. Or maybe soon enough we will have personal energy converters for our own trash bins!

Oh, the possibilities…


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