Autumn chill is setting in the air – you know what that means – plenty of sneezes, coughs, and runny noses to go around!

There may be nothing worse than sitting in your office cube listening to sounds of the common cold all around you. Unfortunately, stale office air holds no defenses for “tag, you’re it” germs that latch on to you from work neighbors – and that goes for your kids’ schools, too! This fall, let’s aim to prevent cold sharing by sticking to these simple rules:

1. Wipe.

Maidorganic’s services include wiping every contact point in your home or office. Don’t let that stop you from wiping contact points when we are away! Disinfect light switches, door knobs, computers, phones, chairs, drawer handles, blind rods, and even soap dispensers for maximum protection against germs.

2. Take your vitamins!

Immunity is everything – to prevent a cold you have to have serious fighting power. Give your body the boost it needs with Vitamin C, A, and D. Eat healthy and exercise to strengthen your body’s immune system. Also keep away from sugar – it weakens your body’s ability to protect your health. Try to ingest naturally occurring sugars when possible and in minimal amounts.

3. Wash your hands.

We all know this one! Washing hands isn’t only for bathroom breaks – make sure you wash your hands after tasks requiring touching shared surfaces. Yes, we know it can be annoying, but we promise you won’t mind when you’re the last one standing in common cold epidemics.

4. Sleep.

Sleep is more important than you may think. In addition to improving skin health, sleep is another way your body gains better immunity. You work very hard, so try to rest as long as the hours you put in at home and in the office. Since that’s probably impossible, though, aim for a minimum of six hours for optimum rejuvenation. Having trouble sleeping? Try our lavender air freshener on your pillow after drinking some chamomile tea.

I know this is common sense stuff, but with our crazy schedules it is difficult making our health a priority. Let’s apply these tips to our homes and offices to make this fall a healthier one!

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