Maidorganic Guidelines for Making Chores a Family Affair

School is in session and everyone’s schedules are jam packed with helping children with impossible homework, inhaling sit down meals before and after work, and rushing to get from Point A to Point B three times in one day. In between this messy routine is the all too often neglected house chores. Nowadays, it is hard to juggle commitments to family, self, work, and home. More than ever households need to take equal responsibility in chores. Maidorganic knows the difficulty in this. We clean a multitude of homes, and we can do it successfully because we work as a team! Use our proven method of training to help encourage teamwork in your household duties. Here’s how:

 1. Communicate

From day one we take adequate time to explain in full detail the expectations we have for our cleaning technicians. We always make sure we are on the same page! Whether it be about a certain method of cleaning blinds, the order of tasks, or which products to use, we understand the importance of open communication.

If a family member does not like a certain task, find out why they don’t like it. Is there a way to make it easier? Are you imposing your way of doing it over their own? Does it really need to be done? If there is no way around it, delegate a responsibility they won’t mind bearing. Open lines of communication are not just for serious talks – it impacts the teensy details that are fine tunings of running an efficient home!

No matter how stubborn the chore holder, don’t give up on trying to understand them. Don’t do the task for them because they won’t do it. Talk it out and come to a resolution.  Although Maidorganic holds high standards for its employees, as a family member, coming to a resolution may mean lowering your expectations to simply get the job done.  In time, duties can change and incentives provided to fit each task accordingly. (Remember, incentives don’t have to be money – they can be intangible things like leisure time)

2. Have Fun

At Maidorganic it is extremely important our employees have fun together. After all, they are stuck with each other every day at work. If they want the day to go by fast, they better make it enjoyable!

For teens this may be hard – but what is stopping anyone from blasting music and rocking out while getting work done? Or making it a friendly competition?

Having fun on the job is also connected to communication. Make sure everyone is aware of others’ weaknesses and strengths, that way family members can be assigned chores that fit their skill set. Does someone prefer working out while another likes resting? Assign vacuuming to one and laundry folding to another respectively. Who finds vacuuming and folding fun? Honestly, no one. But this is why we are asking family to pitch in more, right? For our employees the biggest perk of cleaning is the sense of accomplishment after a job well done. It’s amazing to see our customers light up with positive feedback after we worked so hard!

Provide positive feedback to family members even when they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. A simple “Wow, that looks great. Thank you!” after a clean kitchen does wonders for anyone’s ego.

If that still isn’t enough, check out Family Team – an app that connects family members and turns house chores into a game.

3. Be Patient

Probably the most difficult task at hand is being patient. While doing things ourselves can be quicker, that’s really not the goal, is it? We train our staff with clear instruction while maintaining flexibility to let them choose what works for them. At the end of the day, as long as the rules are followed and the task is complete to the utmost, the job was a success.

The point of allowing our family members to do chores is to instill a sense of responsibility – which means we have to be willing to share it! It will certainly be a time of testing as we deal with delayed mess pick-ups, slow dish cleaning, and things being done another way than our own.  But how can anyone know we really need help when we do it all ourselves? Sit back, relax, and wait for family to do what they say they will. Set an agreed timeline and let them do it on their terms. This especially goes for teens and spouses. As long as the end result is as it should be, all is well!  If your children are young and must be taught certain responsibilities, don’t delay! Being patient while they are younger will certainly pay off in a few years.

Think of all the free time you’ll have when your kids are sharing laundry day and washing dishes after dinner!

There you have it – the trade secrets of Maidorganic’s awesome cleaning services at your disposal.

We hope these guidelines help your household chores a family affair!

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