Halloween Alternatives: Candy and Celebrations

Okay, I know we are cutting it close, but if you still didn’t buy candy for Friday’s Halloween Trick-or-Treaters, you may be in luck!

Try these interesting handout alternatives to candy:

1. Noisemakers – kazoos, whistles, recorders –  What child doesn’t enjoy making noise?

2. Glow in the dark jewelry – bracelets, glasses, rings – You name it and it can be found. These hot items can be found in packs of up to 15.

3. Temporary tattoos – Fun at any age, fake tattoos are sure to add a twist to a child’s predictable night of candy collections.

Still prefer something edible to give away?

How about these:

1. Old fashioned penny candies

2. Candy necklaces

3. Mints and chewing gum

4. Popcorn balls

For those of you not particularly crazy about the Halloween celebration, try inventing your own family traditions. Health and family blog, A Little  Sanity, recommends having a fierce food fight followed by an all-nighter of movies and camping out. Don’t forget to check out your local newspaper for church events, community center activities, and fun family potlucks held throughout your town.

Have a safe Halloween!

courtesy www.soyesoterica.com

courtesy www.soyesoterica.com




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