Bio-Organic Batteries

What will they think of next? I’ll tell you –

Bio-Organic Batteries.

Israeli start up company StoreDot has found a way to use amino acids as battery power. That’s right, the same amino acids our bodies produce through biological processes – and the same amino acids we learned about in grade school – are being used to keep your devices charged.

CEO and cofounder Dr. Meyersdorf cites “nano-crystals” formed from amino acid peptides as the power source for biobatteries. The crystals are solid spheres that can be extracted and operate with energy systems. It gets better -the peptides are compatible with technological devices – especially smartphones (iphones and androids).

What’s the difference between biobatteries and regular batteries?

StoreDot’s newly innovated biobatteries are environmentally friendly and offer faster charging. Although the most recent test model has yet to actually fit in a phone, the mobile smartphone tested with the new technology charged in 30 seconds.

Keep your eyes peeled – StoreDot expects their product’s debut in 2016. Time will only tell if these batteries will be affordable, but so far, we like what we hear!


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