A Letter to Our Veterans

Dear Veteran,

It is to you we owe a debt of gratitude for daily sacrificing your life for America’s freedom.

You’re someone’s son, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother, husband, or wife, and yet you choose to abandon privileged life to walk into war.

As civilians, some of us may never understand the full extent of sacrifice you make for us. As much as the horrors of wars hit home when we see it on our televisions or on the internet, we are not on the battlefield with you. You volunteer to expose yourself to dangers, so we don’t have to. It is the ultimate act of love.

You give us freedom and provide distant lands hope.

Thank you for your service.

We know those words can never repay our debts, but we will live our gratitude and stand with you. We will honor your sacrifices – past and present – by being kind to our neighbors, giving to the needy, and fighting for injustice in our homeland.

We want to make you proud.



To daily commemorate those who have served and are serving, Maidorganic pledges honesty, kindness, and ethical business conduct.

What will you do for veterans?

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