California Farmers Challenge State Methods of Pest Control

Do you ever find yourself pondering “what if” scenarios? Big picture scenarios, scenarios where you get so darn frustrated because you have no platform to voice your opinion, yet if someone heard you, you know you could make a difference?

Us too!

At Maidorganic, we eat and breathe “what ifs”, but more than that, we encourage empowerment for action!

We are so pumped about San Francisco headlines announcing farmers taking their stand against harmful pest control methods that we had to share this with you!

CBS broke news that California farmers are speaking up to US Department of Food and Agriculture about the harm in pesticide use for pest control. Cali organic apple grower, Zea Sonnabend, is so dedicated to the cause, he gives preference to no farming job if he can’t do it organically. Organic farmers argue the government is overreacting to pests including the Asian psyllid. This insect kills citrus trees and has created damage resulting in losses for Texas and Florida.

James R. Casey, entomologist at the University of California-Davis, observes:

“They treat this in a crisis mode in the same way they would an earthquake or a fire . . . Most times there’s not that kind of urgency at all. Every pest that comes in they request federal money for, run out of money for, and it just kinds of fades away.” (CBS/AP)

Instead of treating pests with chemicals, farmers are urging the government to use environmentally and ecologically friendly methods that will yield stronger long term results.

It seems money plays a big factor in the government’s motive for pesticide use  as loss of organic produce can equate to billions of dollars. However, unconventional farmers want to do what is best for future farming generations. Sounds like Amish farming genius John Kempf can aid in this situation!

Here’s to other state farmers following suit and sticking with their convictions of sustainability!


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