Tips to Prepare Yourself (and Home) for Holiday Company

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Okay, we’ve all been there.  You look at the clock expecting it to read 3:00, but somehow time defied its natural time zone and skipped ahead two hours…5 pm already?! You’ve spent all day “organizing” to prep your house for holiday guests, and they will be here before you know it. You will both be frazzled; they from travel,  you from rushing around like a madwoman. Let’s be honest, you care way more  about the appearance of your home than your guests, anyhow. Loved ones travel by planes, trains, and automobiles to be with you – not to nit-pick over trivial details !

Get the most of your time with your family and friends, by allowing yourself time to focus on what really matters – their presence!
Here are tips to get your mental state in tip top shape, so you can be ready to enjoy  your company:

Find out what you need to do, not what you want to do.

Make a list of everything you want completed before guests come. Anything that is not necessary, or may be unrealistic, can be crossed out. Use  energy that would have been spent elsewhere on whatever your shorter list entails.

Pare down.

Slimming down on possessions help ease anxiety and stress. Take time to de-clutter to feel refreshed. Start by mentally noting items you no longer use or need. Then, set a deadline for having these items out of your home. Aim for a week before they arrive – this will allow extra time to get rid of additional items as necessary. Breaking the task down in tidbits will make the task less overwhelming. Grab the items one day at a time, place in a pile, and drop off them off at Goodwill on your designated date. Done!

Prepare meal ingredients, cookware, and tableware in advance.                                                                                                     

If you are cooking a large meal, portion and prep ingredients the night before the meal. Set aside the appropriate cookware and dining ware. You don’t have to set the table yet, if it will be in the way. But having it out will  make it easier for anyone who wants to help set the table and will keep you from rummaging through your cabinets – save those few minutes to spend time with loved ones, instead. It makes a difference!

Place guest towels and bath products where they can’t be missed.

On top of the stairs, at the end of the bed, or on the bathroom counter. Make it apparent that it is for their use. Making things impossible to miss will help the guests feel welcome and will keep them from waiting on you.

Deep clean a week in advance.

Deep cleaning includes dusting, mopping, and wiping. On the day guests are expected to arrive, do a final vacuum or sweep, bathroom wipe down, and kitchen wipe down in the AM. Since the nit-picky cleaning is already done at this point, the final touches will be a breeze.


Take a day, an hour, or even 30 minutes for yourself before the holiday rush hits. Get yourself in the holiday spirit by thinking of what your thankful for. Forget what you need to  get done, and just enjoy yourself. Carry that attitude through out your holiday occasion and your guests will notice.

Above all, remember  memorable moments aren’t created by proper decorating or fancy meals, they are created by making time to enjoy each other through conversation. So, break out the board games, and if you don’t have time for the steps above, that’s okay,too. Some of the funniest moments come from winging it!
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