Breakthrough in Producing Clean Drinking Water. Guess where it comes from?

Janicki Omniprocessor

Janicki Omniprocessor

Human excrement.

A machine prototype name Janicki Omniprocessor is located in Washington where Bill Gates volunteered to taste the proof. Invented by Peter Janicki, straight up genius and founder of Janicki Industries, the machine’s design alleviates impoverished conditions as potential hydro-electric power and water purifier for drinking. The process couldn’t be simpler. After separating water from sludge with vaporizing processes, the machine collects the water through condensation. The collected water is filtered multiple times and comes out looking as if it just gushed from a fresh spring in Maine.

This is groundbreaking for nations like India where fresh drinking water is not accessible to many.  Beyond acting as source of income for the government and an opportunity for sustainable employment, the Omniprocessor will be the difference between life or death for third world nations.

As citizens in a developed nation, this is probably surprising. However, UK has already accepted poop as a formidable source of power for a tour bus. As you can see, the trend is catching on and why shouldn’t it? This truly is the best thing since sliced bread.

As long as there is poop, there shall be water.


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