3 Reasons You Should Switch to Organic MIlk

By now most of us know that going organic is a great way to reduce pesticides from our diet. The most reasonable way to do this initially seems to be through fruits and veggies. But what about our dairy products?

If you’ve not taken the plunge into the wonderful world of organic milk and cheeses, let us help guide you in the right direction. Here are our top three reasons you should switch to organic milk before your next grocery trip:

1. Organic dairy products come from grass-fed cows.

Grass-fed is healthier, not only for the cows, but for you, too. Just like humans, a cow’s digestive system is meant to handle greens. While we can process grains, grass is easily digested and decreases inflammation in the body. Thanks to its incredible omega 3 fatty acids, dairy products that come from green-chomping animals also reduce the risk of heart disease. According to Food World News, non-organic milk contains almost 47% less fatty acids. As essential building blocks of our body’s protein, omegas are a must-have for all diets.

2. It’s environmentally friendly.

While some people purchase organic foods/beverages to boost nutrition, others do it to help the environment. Organic milk uses pesticides that don’t disrupt the environment or the cow’s natural body. Traditional brands use pesticides that throws off nature’s balance with toxins, flesh and all. These toxins are absorbed by our water systems and eventually make it far beyond one farm. Don’t be fooled thinking toxins can’t enter your bloodstream, too. Not only do these toxins mess with our ecosystem, but they also throw off hormonal balances in humans causing many diseases and medical conditions.

3. Organic milk lasts longer in your fridge.

It may be counter-intuitive, but organic milk usually lasts a week or two longer than non-organic brands. Perhaps this is because the milk is purer since day one. Whatever the reason, we can all appreciate longer lasting fairy dust for our cereal. Plus, that extra dollar or two is back in your pocket by the end of the week when you’re not going to the store for milk!

We truly are what we eat. If you’ve not done so already, take a step into the organic world by increasing your quality of dairy intake. The long-term results on your health and our environment are worth it.

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