Commercial Cleaning with MAIDORGANIC

Commercial Cleaning in Connecticut

Cost Effective

Maidorganic offers unique cleaning services using our own green cleaning products. You’ll get quality, integrity and environmentally friendly cleaning all for a fair price.

Green Marketing

Your greener footprint is a great excuse to show your customers and clientele that you really CARE about the air they breathe, the things they touch and even what their kids put in their mouths!

Less Sick Days

Not only do employees get sick from germs in everyday places (from keyboards, phones, public washrooms) but sometimes conventional cleaning methods can cause strong adverse allergic reactions. Green cleaning is the best return for your dollar!


Consider This
Just for a moment, visualize your facility.
As your customers enter the building:

  • Are the windows full of finger prints and smudges?
  • Are the floors covered in dirt and grime?
  • Are there cobwebs and dust bunnies lurking in the corners and under chairs?
  • Are the bathrooms over run by odor and bacteria with dirty mirrors and toilet bowl messes?

Now visualize your entry the morning after Maidorganic has provided commercial cleaning services:

  • Walking up clients notice crystal clear glass with a hint of peppermint in the air.
  • Next they take note of how clean and shiny the floors look.
  • They are amazed and greatly appreciate the dust free facility (especially since the majority of them have allergies) they’re also in a good mood by being refreshed with scents of spearmint and lavender.
  • After the meeting they ask to use your lavatory where they are met with fragrances of orange and lemon, immediately they take note of the cleanliness and high level of care and soon relax as if they were at home.

Your client now impressed by your high level of standards kept for your facility has decided to go with your product and services, knowing that if you care that much about your place of business that your products will surpass their expectations.
If you have been looking for a true green cleaning option for your facility, you’ve found it. Maidorganic provides superior cleaning services with attention to detail and flexibility to fit your needs.
You’ll get a true environmentally conscious cleaning services. We also manufacture our own green cleaning products right here in Connecticut. Maidorganic is a company that cares about the health of you and your employees as well as your building.
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