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A Letter to Our Veterans

Dear Veteran, It is to you we owe a debt of gratitude for daily sacrificing your life for America’s freedom. You’re someone’s son, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother, husband, or wife, and yet you choose to abandon privileged life to walk into war. As civilians, some of us may never understand the full extent of […]

Family Fall Fun

So much to do, so little … Maidorganic knows the value of time. In fact, we are committed to cleaning your homes and offices so you can spend your precious time doing what you want, while we get to doing what you need! While we’re making your places sparkle, try on some of these fall […]

Bio-Organic Batteries

What will they think of next? I’ll tell you – Bio-Organic Batteries. Israeli start up company StoreDot has found a way to use amino acids as battery power. That’s right, the same amino acids our bodies produce through biological processes – and the same amino acids we learned about in grade school – are being […]

Autumn chill is setting in the air – you know what that means – plenty of sneezes, coughs, and runny noses to go around! There may be nothing worse than sitting in your office cube listening to sounds of the common cold all around you. Unfortunately, stale office air holds no defenses for “tag, you’re […]

Back to School (Parent Jubilation)

It’s been a productive summer here at Maidorganic. On top of offering continued cleaning services, we’ve had the privilege to inform you on up and coming technologies, ways to make your home healthier, and tips for keeping your family safe. Although the Farmer’s Almanac claims summer ends September 22, the rest of us are aware […]