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When I arrived home today, it was a wonderful feeling entering a well-cleaned house. The floors shine, not a trace of dust anywhere and the stains in the bathtub are gone! They have been there since we bought this home and we could not remove them. Which product was used to rid the tub of those ugly stains? Thank you for the superb service and working around dog Bella. - Shelley W. Bristol

I did not know what to expect when Maidorganic came to clean my house. I was not convinced the “green products” could match the conventional cleaning products power. Not only did the Maidorganic way match it, it superseded any products that I had been using. My house sparkled. Every surface in my home was dusted, washed or vacuumed.I was pleasantly surprised that my house had the cleanest of clean aromas…nothing perfumed…just CLEAN. I would recommend Maidorganic to anyone. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. -Mary M. Meriden, CT

I am so pleased with your Organic Maid service and the products you use. My house was sparkling and fresh smelling after your visit. I noticed the following week that I did not have much dust on my furniture, it seems like your product made it dust resistant. The shine in every room from the sinks to the furniture looked like I had new furnishings. I would recommend your professional services to anyone, especially to those who have allergies or asthma conditions as your products are not overwhelming in fragrance. Thank You for the exceptional service. -Millie C., Bristol, CT

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